The first trailer for the upcoming Marvel (phase 3) production of Dr. Strange happened last night. As a fan of the comic books, I wasn't quite prepared for an obvious Asian character to be played by a very British Tilda Swinton. As much as I like Tilda's work, I kind of wonder why the director may have gone that route. Also, I can't see cities get folded in upon themselves anymore and not instantly think "They stole that from 'Inception.'" In many ways, Christopher Nolan has kind of owned the whole "space folding in upon itself" film technique the same as the Wachowski's kind of own "bullet time." It always looks good but never quite produces within me the same kind of rush that I first felt when I saw it happen. I dunno...maybe Tilda Swinton is just playing the "spoon kid" from the Matrix all grown up. Then again...maybe not. I did like that Dr. Strange was astral in the first trailer. That's pretty central to the character as the dude definitely loves his astral form. I think you'd be hard pressed to pick up a comic book of Dr. Strange and not see him go astral. Just sayin'.

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